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Real Engagement: Edward & Janet (Texas)

This couple’s first date was at Coldstone ice cream where they unknowingly ordered the same exact ice cream combo. (how cute). The date of course, went so well that the Edward & Janet stayed in the ice cream shop until the employees kicked them out.

The couple soon learned that they both loved traveling and sports. So the couple’s first vacation together was to San Francisco for a 49ers playoff game. It then became a tradition for the couple to make at least one annual trip to San Francisco.

On September 12, 2015, on one of their annual trips to San Francisco, Edward arranged a private tour of the stadium. It was on the field, where Edward asked Janet to spend the rest of her life with him. And of course, SHE SAID YES!

Check out Edward and Janet’s beautiful engagement photos below, as beautifully captured by Angelic Edge Photography.

Photographer:  Angelic Edge Photography//Event Venue: CW Hill Country Ranch