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Modern & Stylish Engagement Session (Alabama)

Keiana found Brandon’s profile through a social media group chat and after thinking “dang he’s fine”.  She logged off social media and didn’t think twice about it. Several weeks later, Keiana was in the cookie aisle at a local grocery store, searching for her favorite Golden Oreos. Unfortunately, she realized that they did not have any, so she just continued shopping until she was suddenly stopped by a guy who looked familiar. He started off by asking if they had met before. Keiana, thinking to herself how much she hates when guys use that line, politely responded (but with an attitude) ‘No!’. With determination to figure out who this beautiful woman was, the guy asked for her name. Only because he was cute, Keiana told him. Immediately, he let Keiana know that he remembered her from a group chat on social media. Keiana realized it was “Brandon”, the cute guy’s profile that she had previously stalked. After a little back and forth and some “playing hard to get”….Brandon asked Keiana for her number and surprisingly she gave it to him.  After they exchanged numbers, Keiana looked down and noticed that Brandon had the last pack of Golden Oreos sitting in his cart. Like a true gentlemen, Brandon kindly gave his Golden Oreos to Keiana and the rest is history.

Get inspired and check out this beautiful engagement session below, as beautifully captured by The Price Approach Photography

Event Date:  September 02, 2017
The Grand Bohemian
Photographer: The Price Approach Photography
Photo Booth Equipment: The Price Approach Photography
Event Planner: Shannel Aiken Wedding & Events