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First Anniversary Surprise (Ohio)

From the photographer: “I met Jamaal while I was having my wedding bands plated and inspected. He was the manager at Fred Meyers Jewelers and we chatted a bit about life as he inspected my stones. As we talked, I mentioned I was a photographer and he lit up. He explained that his first anniversary was the next day and he had been looking for a someone to come and surprise his wife with a photo shoot for the two of them. I couldn’t say no. We schemed, we surprised, she cried, it was amazing. The chemistry of these two was undeniable. At one point during our shoot, I said “You guys really like each other. It’s hard to capture people sometimes because the like love isn’t there. But you guys LIKE each other!” to which Mandy, Jamaal’s wife, started tearing up. She explained, “When we met, I told him that we have to really, truly like each other if we wanted this to last.” It was fate. Fate that I walked into THAT Fred Meyer, on THAT specific day, talked to THAT associate. I can’t wait to capture these two beautiful folks for as long as I can still work a camera.”

Get inspired and check out this beautiful First Anniversary Surprise Session, as beautifully captured by Jillian Francois Photo & Design

Event Date: August 1, 2017
Jillian Francois Photo & Design